To My Trip Around The World!!

How to follow my trip...

You can follow me on the social networks I’ll use to document the trip. I’ll be uploading different information on each of them, so don’t forget to follow me on each one, so you don’t miss anything!


Trips I have made so far...

You can follow my travels in real-time and see all the trips I have made so far by clicking on the following link

Travel statistics...

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About me.

My name is Gustavo Correa; I was born in 1969 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. For work reasons, I have lived some years in Spain (my second land) and in Norway (the one I carry in my heart).
As a child, I spent my summer afternoons dreaming of traveling the world with an atlas printed in 1952. Now I have decided to make that dream come true.

“A good traveler has no fixed plans, nor does he intend to arrive.” – Lao Tzu

On this trip, I am riding «Gloria» my Yamaha Teneré 700, whose name is a tribute to my mother, as she always dreamed of traveling, but could not.
The idea is to go around the world, without a set time, with very little money and with a lot of enthusiasm to meet people and wonderful places … Do you want to join me?

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